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Nurturing Future Leaders

We help to prepare children for the new millennium. We strive to develop individuals who are artistic, collaborative, flexible and resilient. Our humanistic approach empowers students to discover the joy of learning, espouse challenges and use earth’s means mindfully. Our school brings the best of curricular methods to provide holistic teaching-learning happenings. Children get through a journey of creativity, originality and self-discovery, and grow as free human beings who bring hope and direction to their lives.

Combined with the Proven Teaching Methods for Easy Understanding & Technical Concepts

World Class ambiance in terms of Facilities

Professionally managed by experts from all fields

The reasonable fee structure for a world-class education

Nurturing ambiance for Creativity and original Talents

Passionate Teachers with high academic caliber and experience

Words of wisdom

Rover is also deeply committed to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in areas such as poverty and hunger eradication, providing universal primary education, promoting gender equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, efforts to reduce HIV / AIDS, ensuring environmental sustainability.

Our highly-regarded Pharmacy course begins with a broad overview of the fundamental pharmaceutical and biological sciences. You will develop more specialised knowledge and skills in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, therapeutics, clinical management and patient-focused clinical skills.

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Why Thanthai Hans Roever High School

Shaping, Sprint, Iterations, Release


நவீன கற்பிக்கும் அணுகுமுறை

We provide quality educational programs which are underpinned by an evidence-based approach


அற்புதமான மாணவ பருவம்

We provide the full opportunity for all students to explore their talents and enjoy the student’s life


தனிப்பட்ட அக்கறை

We pride ourselves in providing personalized care for each child, knowing each child as a learner in the broadest sense.


கவலை இல்லாத சூழல்

Providing a worry-free experience that relieves the stress of having to continuously monitor school progress


ஒத்துழைப்புகள் & பண்புகள்

Our school is home to a collaborative, supportive, diverse, and ever-growing community more like a family than a school.

Our Achievement

2022-23 ஆம் கல்வியாண்டில் தேசிய திறனறிவு தேர்வில் தேர்ச்சி பெற்ற 42 மாணவ மாணவியருடன் எங்கள் பள்ளி தாளாளர்

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Discuss with the tutee the amount of time necessary to complete each part of their task.

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